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Jason Finnerty is a professional copywriter with agency experience, a professional education, and an unparalleled work ethic. He's fun to work with and creates content that people like to read.

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Creating an Effective Procurement Fraud Prevention Strategy

Procurement fraud is now the second most commonly reported type of economic crime, according to a recent survey PwC. Large enterprises with a thousand or more employees are also 5% more susceptible to procurement fraud. Given further statistics highlighted in PwC’s annual Global Economic Crime Survey, which shares that almost...

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Five Key Indicators of Procurement Fraud CPOs and Purchasing Heads Should Heed

As your enterprise grows, so too will its sourcing and purchasing operations, providing a slew of often-irresistible opportunities for hard-up employees and suppliers to gain financially through fraudulent malpractice – all at your organization’s expense. Procurement fraud is one of the ways in-house procurement professionals and/or corrupt suppliers can achieve...

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The Cost Reduction Paradox in Procurement

The demands on today’s Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) continue to escalate and the expectation of doing more with less is a constant, regardless of industry or customer base. Deloitte’s Global CPO Survey for 2016 revealed a wealth of information about – and for – today’s CPOs, but one statistic that...

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AwayFind Comes to iPhone

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How to lead a Successful Procurement Transformation

With the right strategy and support structure, coordinating a change in your procurement process can be a smart solution to mitigate expenses while improving supplier relationships. Whether you’re looking to decentralize your supply chain, improve your supplier relationships, or leverage technology to reinvent your procurement process, the following concepts can...

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Leadership 101

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The ‘Uberization’ of the Business Services Industry

Taxi-alternative Uber is a dominant force in the category of innovative businesses that know how to do more with less: slightly oxymoronic, you might think, for a business whose brand name relates to “excess” when abstractly applied in German. The German term Über, however, is also used to denote “superiority”,...




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